Its ‘all hands on deck’ at Hills Road, Cambridge

Ashe received an email from Susan Atherton that we thought was worth sharing. Susan works opposite our site, on Hills Road in Cambridge, and she took the time to write to us.

Here’s what Susan had to say;

“I work in offices opposite the Hills Road site you are currently developing and I have to remark on how efficient the team there appear to be. Its ‘all hands on deck’ when any plant arrives to ensure it is offloaded/removed as quickly as possible to reduce traffic congestion. All sweeping up and cleaning of debris from the roads and paths is done by anyone who happens to reach the broom or hose first… I must say that your ‘Considerate constructors care about appearance’ really is being displayed by this team.”

Susan Atherton
RBS Corporate Banking

Thank you Susan! It is really appreciated, and makes the effort worthwhile, when someone takes time out of their busy day to give us some positive feedback!

Have a look at the CGI’s to see what the finished product will look like.Image 1 Image 2