Safety Leadership Committee

To empower staff in promoting safety excellence we’ve just launched our Safety Leadership Committee Charter.

Our objective at Ashe is to make the ethos “working safely” an integral part of the organisation’s culture and one that is reflected by the behaviours of our people.

To achieve this objective we continually invest in training and mentoring to empower our people to be leaders in safety.

As part of our empowerment programme we have created a Safety Leadership Team (SLT) comprising a cross section of people from different departments brought together to express different views on how we could best develop and promote a safety culture.


To create a culture where safety becomes second nature and people feel safe and secure. 



1. For people to believe they are empowered to make change and have the opportunity and tools to do so

2. For people to have positive perceptions about Health, Safety and Wellbeing

3. For people to feel free to speak openly about Health, Safety and Wellbeing

4. To challenge the perception that there is a stigma and potential negative impact when speaking up about Health, Safety and Wellbeing issues

5. To create an effective and open feedback loop for Health, Safety and Wellbeing issues

6.To encourage buy-in from everyone on site (management and operatives, including supply chain)