My work experience at Ashe

Alex outside Ashe’s Head Office in Hitchin.

Below is Alex’s diary of his experience with Ashe and the different activities he undertook during his time with us:

I am a business and marketing enthusiast studying at Nottingham Trent University with modules such as marketing, supply chain management and buyer behaviour. Over summer I have been seeking to advance my skillset both personally and professionally and to help me achieve this, Ashe was the perfect place to start.

My time at Ashe included shadowing a number of employees in various sectors and roles whereby I gained a wide insight of how the business runs and what numerous employees do on a daily basis. I helped out on a variety of projects and also drafted a newsletter to be sent out. 

Below is a deeper insight into what kind of tasks and activities I undertook;

Day 1: I was given a  tour of Ashe’s offices, to meet the people I’d be working with. Shortly after, I Had to complete a health and safety induction with the Health and Safety Manager. After a lunch break I looked over some of the Bid Manager’s work in relation to PPQs and tenders, an overall insight into what Ashe’s Bid Manager, Matt, does day to day in his role.

Day 2:  Social media review : This included looking at all of the social media accounts that Ashe have such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I looked at 4 main competitors accounts whom varied in size in terms of the organisations presence within the industry and on social media. After looking at all of the competitors accounts I made some comparisons both positive and negative between Ashe and its competitors. Later that day I wrote up a draft review for each social media account and then an overall review as well as some positive and negative points from the competitor’s social media that Ashe could use as a guideline.

Day 3: On the third day I worked with the Estimators, again I was given a general insight into what they do on a daily basis as well as being taught how to use CAD measure software, I learnt what a take-off was and attempted to complete a take-off for their current Stevenage town centre project. I also looked a bit into what Harry’s job role as a Trainee Planner/ Estimator was and what that involved.

Day 4: I looked at how to use mail chimp, with the Marketing team. I was given a few previous newsletters to look at and then used the software to write up a draft for the summer newsletter which included images from recent project wins and a short description for each. The format was taken from another recent newsletter which read well.

Day 5: I finalised  the social media review document using graphic design software called InDesign, I also took another look at the social media pages as well as the website to see if anything could be immediately added to those.

Day 6: I shadowed Jordan who is a Contract Surveyor for the morning, learnt what the role involves and looked at some work including a cost value report and then did some measurements for the job at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. I went out to one of Ashe’s sites with the Managing Surveyor in Ware. I was given a tour of the site from the site manager John and looked at some of the interesting aspects of this complex job.

Day 7: Was spent looking at a bill of quantities and practiced completing one of them for the brickwork for a job. This included measuring the quantity of the materials needed as well as working out the unit of measurement and then looking at several quotes from sub-contractors and deciding which option was best for the client and their budget. I also looked at doing some e-enquiries for the brickwork and then some contract analysis.

Day 8: I was shown the back of the website and how the website can be edited in terms of adding and deleting news or images as well as how to add more tabs to the site if needed. I wrote up my work experience diary and added this story to the website and shared in across Ashe’s social media.

All in, I had a great time at Ashe and gained a lot from this experience.