New Projects secured on the Scape Regional Construction framework!

Ashe’s track record with Scape spans over nine years and the relationship is now stronger than ever. The partnership that regularly delivers millions of pounds worth of turnover into our business continues to be an essential partnership that delivers real value for our public sector clients.

When the EMPA (East Midlands Property Alliance) framework transitioned into the Regional Construction framework when being re-procured, Ashe focused their efforts in securing Lot 11 that covered Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex, our traditional stomping grounds, on projects ranging from £500k – £2.5m.

In January 2018, following a rigorous selection process, Ashe were indeed awarded lot 11 and the start of our 4 year framework journey on the Scape Regional Construction framework began. Whilst it was never going to be easy trying to establish a new framework in a new region, in an already crowded market-place, Ashe and Scape with other contracting partners are starting to make a good impact and more importantly, an excellent impression on the clients that we work with.

A year and a half in, Ashe have completed four School projects in Harlow, Colchester and Frinton-on-Sea. Projects ranged from new offsite modular facilities to full scale refurbishments within existing live schools. Works completed to date total in excess of £5m.

Two new projects have commenced in the last month for Stevenage Borough Council in Hertfordshire where Ashe are undertaking a £1.2m refurbishment of a live nursing home, and a £1m fit out of St Albans Civic Centre to form a new medical facility for Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust.

Many new schemes in Stevenage, Aldenham and Bedford are currently being developed which should soon add another £5m worth of project starts in the coming months.

Ross Kent, Framework manager states that ‘The approach required is not always about lowest price, it’s about achieving best value. The single source nature of the Scape Regional Construction framework ensures we can concentrate on choosing the best specialist partners for each project. They are still market tested against others, but we know that the firms selected will adopt the right approach required for each scheme. The Scape approach allows for early and total collaboration between the partners and also allows full consideration ofthe social value outcomes that can be achieved. This collaboration between parties offers a whole host of benefits that are not always afforded to a traditional form of procurement and in virtually all cases we have found this allows for shorter pre-construction phase meaning we can commence on site earlier to the benefit of our clients.’

If you’d like to hear more about the procurement opportunities that the Scape Regional Construction framework has to offer please contact Andrew Morris at andrew.morris@ashegroup.co.uk. The latest Scape Regional Construction framework can be downloaded here.