Supply Chain Health and Safety Approach Workshop

On 10th October 2019, Ashe were pleased to invite directors and key contacts from our cherished supply chain partners to attend a Health and Safety Approach Workshop at our head office in Hitchin. This one day event saw a number of topics covered across the vast subject that is, health and safety in construction. Ashe’s own Safety, Health & Environmental Director, Martin Petts, began the day with an overview of Ashe’s latest policies and initiatives within health and safety. Martin reviewed the basics of  health and safety at Ashe before discussing more in depth topics such as; Leadership & Culture and how Ashe looked to collaborate with our supply-chain partners going forward. This open forum offered opportunities for our key suppliers and sub-contractors to have a positive impact on Ashe’s approach to health and safety moving forward.

Further talks throughout the day came from John Caboche, HM Inspector of Health & Safety Construction Division, who provided an information presentation on the current HSE campaigns. The first talk of the afternoon was from Ashe’s Safety, Health, and Environmental Manager, Peter Clarke, who provided an Ashe focused talk which highlighted the best practices shown by our supply-chain on recent Ashe projects, as well as key information on the changes and initiatives to be implemented by Ashe as we move forward to 2020.

The final presentation of the day was from Ashe’s training partner, Poppyfish, and their Health & Safety specialist, Nick Skinner. Nick provided an engaging session on Safety Leadership which saw the whole room involved in interactive activities to debate and learn the variety of leadership techniques used on construction sites, and how to ensure that managers are equipped with the best possible knowledge to safely manage works within a live construction environment.

The 2019 Supply Chain Health & Safety Approach Workshop was a great success and well attended by Ashe’s supply chain partners. This training day evidenced our commitment to health and safety and was a great forum to receive key feedback from our sub-contractors and suppliers.