Building Safely During Covid-19

People’s safety is our number one concern and this message has never been more important than now. Due to the rapidly unfolding situation surrounding the spread of the Covid-19 virus the directors at Ashe Construction took the important decision on March 27th to pause all site operations for an initial 48 hour period. This was followed by a further pause period of 48 hours whilst Ashe teams developed revised risk assessments and method statements to comply with the Construction Leadership Councils (CLC) Site Operational Procedures which focused effort on ensuring that people were kept safe through social distancing.

These Covid-19 documents allowed us to reconvene operational activities on a gradual basis on each of our sites. Further revisions to the CLC Site Operational Procedures have ensured that as of today, Monday 27th April 2020, all 18 Ashe sites are open and operational. Whilst they will not all be operating at 100% productivity, meaningful progress is being made on each and every site with productivity levels increasing daily as people adapt to the new working practices.

I would like to praise the resilience and ingenuity of our teams in these difficult times. They have worked tirelessly to ensure that our sites have been rapidly adapted to enable compliance with the CLC Site Operational Procedures version 3. I am incredibly proud of how our teams have adapted and developed to operate safely and in accordance with our new procedures. We will continue to work collaboratively with our partners to ensure successful outcomes for all.

Take care and stay safe.

Ian Robbins
Managing Director


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