2 Day Install at Bedford Hospital

It’s been a tough few months for our team working at Bedford Hospital, part of Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, getting ready for the Emergency Department modular extension, but following a hectic weekend over the 23rd and 24th January the new building is installed and ready to be fitted out.

Working collaboratively on this fast paced project with our client and design partners, Ashe are re-configuring the Emergency Department at Bedford Hospital to ensure an environment where Covid and Non Covid areas are well segregated, with separate entry and egress points. In addition we have also refurbished the Victoria Ward in record time to bring it back into use and ensure the maximum number of beds available to the hospital at this time of great need.

This has been a huge challenge as the teams have been working in a live Emergency Department where good logistical planning has been key to the success of the project to date, and to keeping everybody safe.

Due to the speed with which works had to be commenced the client chose the Scape Regional Construction framework to appoint Ashe which allowed early involvement to ensure the teams were fully aligned when the project started on site.

Across the weekend our team worked alongside Portakabin to ensure the safe and successful delivery of all sixteen modular units landed and connected on the site whilst allowing the safe passing of ambulances to the Emergency Department adjacent. Despite the atrocious weather conditions the teams worked late into the night on both days to ensure the installation was completed by Sunday evening.

At first light on Monday the sun shone and highlighted a great weekend of work. It was also good to see that the last two projects completed by Ashe at Bedford Hospital are now being used for Covid vaccinations. It feels great to be helping the NHS in their hour of need and thank you to the Ashe team for their great work!

Business Development Director Andrew Morris stated “We are all incredibly proud to be assisting the NHS in their effort against the Covid pandemic. Their relentless effort never ceases to amaze us and we are pleased we are helping in some small way. The speed at which this project came at everyone meant that delivery of the project within the timescales was a tall ask, from client, designers and us as a contractor. Our appointment through the Scape Regional Construction framework meant that we were sat alongside the client and design team ensuring early engagement as the project design progressed, which enabled us and our supply chain partners to hit the ground running when the time came. As my local hospital I’m very proud of Ashe’s involvement with this vitally important new facility”