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Ashe’s performance at the start of the project in tackling the difficult design issues was superb, principally down to their design department.

Ashe’s overall performance has been very good both in terms of quality, safety and commercial common sense. My company looks forward to working with them on future projects.

Peter Beatty
Project Manager
Badrian Consulting Ltd

Our Work

Whether you’d like to challenge us to build a lifeboat station under tidal conditions, create an eco-friendly school during the holidays, an office development to help you expand your business or a fast food restaurant – fast, Ashe knows just what it takes to deliver a first class project. We’re versatile and flexible and understand the specific requirements of projects across all market sectors. Each is delivered sensitively with a true understanding of our clients’ and their end-users’ needs. Whether through traditional forms of contract or on a design & build basis we have built our business by forming strong partnerships with both private and public sector clients.

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