The work we undertake for schools and colleges of all sizes is some of our most rewarding.

Through close communication we encourage staff, pupils, students and parents to become engaged in the construction process so they can feel part of the wonderful learning environments we create.

Through intelligent planning and close liaison we overcome the unique challenges presented to us when working in ‘live’ schools settings. We are able to timetable our work around exam periods when silence is required and make sure that our activities don’t affect the safety of staff and students during the busiest parts of the day.

Our project managers take assemblies and hold competitions so that everyone understands the importance of safety and we provide training and apprenticeships to pupils so they can help to build, not only their own learning environments, but also a rewarding career. Our aim is to create buildings which enhance the lives of those who work in them and through our wealth of experience in constructing award-winning facilities, we provide schools and colleges with places that motivate people to learn.