Social Value

Our commitment to the Social Value Act is incorporated into our Social Value Policy and wider Corporate and Social Responsibility ensuring that we achieve Social Value Act compliance at both business and site levels.

Our management teams benchmark the business activities from each office against our Corporate & Social Responsibility agenda to ensure we bring a localised approach for each office. On site our Sustainability Action Plans ensure our commitment and compliance is fully implemented.

Our commitment to the Act reflects our recognition that every business activity and project is a valuable opportunity to actively engage with members of the public such as pupils, students, local residents and hard to reach groups and NEETs.

Our project approach not only addresses how we going to construct it, but how we ensure that by the end of the construction process we have created a legacy for all stakeholders involved. Our project teams consistently add to the construction process by engaging and educating stakeholders and the local community; demonstrating what it is we do, embracing them as part of the team, supporting curriculum activity. This helps ensure buy-in of the local community and creates ownership of every project we undertake.

Charity Work

In the last 3 years we have raised over £15k for local charities through employee based events where we encouraged participation and supported staff with subsidised entry fees and the gifting of charity days, to undertake the challenges they entered. In 2018 we are looking to support our charity based clients in raising funds for them, engaging with our supply chain partners to ensure an integrated fund raising approach.


The Haven

Registered Charity No. 1064495

Who provide shelter and targeted support to people in need, across North Hertfordshire.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Registered Charity No. 206394

Battersea believe that every dog and cat deserves the best. That’s why we help every dog and cat in need

Bedfordshire Hospitals Charity

Registered Charity No. 299250

Who have been supporting Bedfordshire hospitals for over 30 years by providing key funding for vital hospital equipment.

Bedfordshire Hospitals Charity


Driving improvements

We care about our business impact on society and the environment. Innovation therefore plays a key role in helping us to improve the way we carry out our business. Our management team continually monitors, our business, our peers and the wider industry to identify improvements in our approach to maximising social, environmental and economic sustainability.