Committed to 
customer care


We design every project to be defect free and for buildings to be easy to operate and maintain beyond our involvement.

Our customer care ethos is focused on prevention – doing the right things during the process of design and build to stop defects from occurring and to ensure all aspirations and expectations are met.

Designing for defect free buildings involves us proposing products that will last for the long-term and will minimise any issue in operation. 

Buildings are become more complex with many different factors to consider, in particular fire safety, security, IT, energy efficiency, and temperature management. 

Choices around heat, light, air conditioning, IT networks, access control, and how best to meet environmental and fire safety standards, affect the whole building and need to be made early. Therefore M&E is where we focus first as we also bring wider design aspirations to life.

Given the complexity of buildings, providing each client with a full briefing on the operation and maintenance of their new environment is key to our customer care programme. We carry out soft landing procedures, which include staff training, as well as the preparation of manuals in a format agreed with each client. 

When defects do occur, our clients can depend on fast remedial action. We take create pride in this aspect of our business, ensuring any post completion issues are addressed efficiently. Clients can register any defects on our Workspace portal which notifies our team and provides a live view of the rectification process.

St Catherine’s School commended Ashe for our customer care and gave us perfect 10s across all KPIs.

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We have a 24 hour emergency call out service that covers urgent matters outside of office hours.

Following a recent project, Long Lawford Primary School scored Ashe ten out of ten across all customer survey questions.

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