Ashe Belong


To ensure we foster a culture and workplace, where everyone feels they belong.

Ashe belong is part of our strategy to further support our staff and improve mental health, wellbeing, equality, diversity, and inclusion within the Ashe Group.

The aim of the group is to ensure Ashe foster a culture and workplace, where everyone feels they belong. The group is formed from representatives across the company and is co-lead by Louise Hopper (Head of People and Development), Claire Howard (Planner) and Matt Brandon-Gould (Bid Manager) with a focus on continuously improving our equality, diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing offerings. The group has had several early successes, including improvements to our female facilities on site, introduction of our Menopause Support Policy, and accessibility improvements to our head office such as standing desks.

The mental health and wellbeing of our employees, sub-contractors and supply-chain partners is taken very seriously at Ashe and we have invested time and money to protect this. Addressing, promoting, and maintaining mental health and wellbeing: We are a member of Lighthouse Club, The Construction Industry Charity and have signed their Building Mental Health Charter, ensuring that we strive to continually improve our mental health and wellbeing support throughout our company.

We aim to provide a company where a diverse group of people want to work and we aspire to improve the work environment for everyone.