A business for everyone


Diversity and inclusion at Ashe means providing an environment where everyone feels welcome and able to contribute their best.

Our committment to diversity and inclusion is set by the leaders of our business, but how we deliver a poisitive and welcoming environment for everyone is led by our employees.

We have an employee volunteer group called Ashe Belong with the remit to understand more about employees’ experiences and perspectives of diversity and inclusion at Ashe. 

This group is also responsible for developing initiatives that help to welcome a broader range of people to our business and enable them to contribute their best when they join.

A key focus area is encouraging more women into careers in construction and to Ashe specifically. This involves showcasing to girls and young women the range of roles involved in taking a project from vision to reality and highlighting the different career pathways they can take from 16+. 

All our diversity and inclusion work begins in schools, starting at primary level. We have a defined programme of talks and work experience opportunities, and we also fund several apprenticeship schemes. We also make the most of ad hoc opportunities that arise on projects, to introduce children and young people to the work we do.

Our roofing team has a range of ways to introduce young people to a rewarding career in roofing.