Customer Care

Customer care starts during the construction project stages – getting to know the building, system and clients.

The Customer Care team assists in the delivery and handover of each project utilising Ashe’s “soft landings” process. They continue their involvement through to the eventual project close out to ensure Ashe’s ultimate success in clearing defect issues, training staff on on building use and systems to avoid defect creation through “Experimentation”,  and ensuring ultimate client satisfaction with the end product.

We aim to achieve excellence in customer care though a process which:

  • provides a framework for processing feedback consistently,
  • ensures all feedback is dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner,
  • encourages feedback through numerous methods,
  • provides impartial consideration of concerns and complaints,
  • resolves complaints to the satisfaction of both the company and complainant wherever possible,
  • learns from feedback and makes recommendations for future improvements.

Our dedicated customer care team is led by our Deputy Managing Director, Neil Blake, to ensure full implementation of our Customer Care & Complaints Policy.