Ian Berrie

Health, Safety & Environmental Manager

Nebosh National General Certificate in Construction, Mental Health First Aider

With Ian’s background in the Royal Air Force and emergency services he as an excellent appreciation for the importance of health and safety measures and compliance. Ian is a friendly character who has quickly embedded within Ashe’s delivery teams. Ian has a firm approach to health, safety, and environmental compliance with a keen eye for detail, understanding that it can be small margins that lead to potential safety incidents. Ian has experience of working in challenging environments and an appreciation for the considerations and measures needed.

  • Role & Responsibilities

    Primary responsibilities • Implementing current Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) procedures and assessing and controlling all risks associated with HS&E. • Manage amendments/changes to HS&E requirements and provide expert advice on typical HSE items, oversee all relevant inspections and audits. Secondary responsibilities • Promote the understanding and application of all responsibilities with regard to the company’s health, safety and environmental standards. • Ensure compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations, other relevant statutory provisions, instructions and arrangements as they appear in the Ashe Health Safety and Environmental Operating Procedures. • Monitor each project’s HS&E process. • Conduct site HS&E inspections and ensure quality output based on approved plans and specifications.

  • Memorable Achievement

    When I did my first half marathon for Children with Leukaemia. I could barely walk after, but it felt great to finish and it was for a good cause.

Ashe Employee

Career Highlights

In my 25 years in the Fire Service there were many people that gave me help and advice along the way that helped me make a success of my career. What gave me the greatest satisfaction was when I could assist others on my watch in achieving promotion. It was always extremely rewarding to see the next generations progress and impress with their knowledge.