Embracing innovation


We invest in R&D to finds ways we can adapt existing construction methods to deliver greater sustainability and cost effectiveness for our clients.

We are committed to our R&D programme to ensure we keep pace with innovation in our industry and constantly evolving build technologies.

Our aim is to create buildings with increased longevity and sustainability, while reducing programme delivery timescales, achieving high quality standards, and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

We have adopted off-site and modular building technologies on several projects and our own R&D work has included close consideration of the pre-construction design phase, to establish how obstacles that frequently occur on site can be overcome.

We are fortunate to also work on many innovative projects with our clients, including large-scale Passivhaus buildings. These require very specific methods of construction from the foundations upwards to achieve the required airtightness. The knowledge we’ve gained from Passivhaus projects is regularly transferred to other projects with substantial sustainability aims.

We have also carried out design work for a college building site that uses river water cooling technology to assist with converting the building to net zero carbon status. Ashe designed and developed the drainage scheme to prevent the site from heavy storms and subsequent floods. This included the introduction of diversion systems, a storage system and the extension of capacity into the drainage system.

Our roofing team has adopted thermal detection technology for the quality checking of their roofs. This technology discovers any points that are leaking heat and highlights any potential areas for water leaks.

Our highly qualified technical and design team lead our R&D and continuous improvements. They are backed by our forward thinking roofing and construction teams, and our progressive supply chain, who all understand the need to make improvements and changes to consistently meet our clients’ aims.

Discover how we delivered a net zero carbon college using river cooling technology.

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Our lead off-site construction partner is Innovare and we’ve also worked with EcoCanopy, KLH, Eurban and System 1200 with impressive results.

Learn about the in-situ foundation redesign we completed for a large scale Passivhaus project.

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