Ashe is a company and culture that puts people first – starting with our employees, the people who make our business achievements possible.

Providing a positive work environment for everyone at Ashe is something we actively work on, through a range of benefits and employee services, Ashe social events, charity fundraising initiatives, and volunteering opportunities. 

Ashe is equally a great place to work because of the learning and development opportunities we provide, and the willingness of everyone who works here to share their knowledge and experience, to support others in their careers. 

We are a family business and our consistent behaviours of mutual respect and support stem from these origins. Members of the Blake family still lead the business today, while opportunities to progress to senior leadership roles are open to anyone with the drive and ambition and the right collaborative, self-starter attitude. 

Openness and transparency are central to our culture. We operate an open door policy and welcome great ideas from anyone, while always sharing full business updates and ambitions. We also encourage everyone to share their career goals, so we can support them in achieving those, while we also help them to achieve work-life balance.

Far in advance of the pandemic, Ashe invested in technology that enables employees to work more flexibly. Today we are working on how we can align flexible working options for our onsite teams, to be on a par with our office-based employees.

Every employee has the option to join our private medical insurance. We have also developed a team of mental health first siders, learning from the Pagabo Foundation that focuses on mental health in the construction industry. One of our directors sits on the board of this foundation. 

Our ethos is getting employees involved in the development of programmes and initiatives they believe are important for our business. Examples include our diversity and inclusion team, Ashe Belong, and our schools programme of talks and careers days, as well as other volunteering opportunities.

Discover the Ashe Aspire Academy

Our values


Continually achieve our customer's aspirations


Promote excellence in safety


Provide a secure and progressive working environment


Deliver our promises with an open and honest approach


Nurture team spirit with a responsible work ethic


Aiming to protect and enrich our surroundings

We have set a goal of being net zero carbon by 2040. To help us achieve that goal, we’ve developed a scheme that helps our employees opt for an electric vehicle.

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