Danny Roberts

Project Manager


20 years

Since the time of Danny’s arrival at Ashe he has demonstrated his exceptional talent and ability, quickly rising through the ranks at Ashe to become one of our most able and popular project managers. His calmness and dedication to the task in hand, coupled with his demanding standards has ensured that he is a hit with every client that he has worked with.

  • Role & Responsibilities

    Danny is in full control of the construction sites he manages, as our Project Manager. He controls and directs his on site construction team, liaising with the client’s project manager on a daily basis to deliver projects on time, on budget, and with delighted clients.

  • Memorable Achievement

    My most memorable achievement was one within my career and with Ashe. I was the lead Project Manager on Ashe’s first £10m project. It was an amazing achievement for myself and for the company.

Ashe Employee

Career Highlights

Completing a project to a very tight programme, on time and within budget despite £500,000 variation being added after commencement within the original timescale. As well as mentoring work experience on numerous school and college projects.